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Welcome to Dr Pearce Wellness Care in Longview Texas!

 We provide Chiropractic Care, Nutrition Response Testing™ using Whole Food Nutrition, and Healthy Weight Loss Services!

Nutrition Analysis

WOW!  Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you knew exactly which supplements your body needed without any guessing? FIND OUT EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE BODY IS MISSING!! The future is...


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Wellness Recipes!

Check out our Wellness Recipes. We are all the time adding new ones each month so come back and check them often. So let's get healthy and stay healthy!

Welcome To Dr. Pearce Wellness Care!

Services at Dr. Pearce Wellness Care include Chiropractic Care, Nutrition Response Testing™ using whole food nutrition, and Healthy Weight Loss! The primary focus of our practice is to help people Get Healthy & Stay Healthy.

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