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Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover what supplements your body actually needs? NOW YOU CAN.


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What people say about Dr. Pearce...

"We have just finished a family visit @ Dr. Pearce Wellness Care Clinic and we are stunned and very, very happy at the same time with ALL the results! Dr. Pearce has far more ability's in Nutrition Response Testing and as a Chiropractor than any other Nutritionists we have seen and we saw many! She is very caring and gentle she provides AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS for everybody! Thank you Dr. Pearce!!!"

Al S

"Enjoyed my visit staff was wonderful especially the champion service poodle she brought joy to my heart I could have talked to her all day I really hated to see her go back to her station thank ya'll for seeing me it was a pleasure."

Melinda W

"I have been going to Dr. Pearce and the Wellness Clinic for almost three years. So many of the physical setbacks I experienced and overall discomfort have been addressed and I feel like a new person. The nutritional program, positive accountability with food choices, education, and Dr. Pearce's expertise has restored my energy, handled symptoms, given balance, and a higher quality of life. I highly recommend Dr. Pearce and her expertise for anyone who wants to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. You'll be forever thankful you did."

Karen W

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